Taking the first step!

Taking the first step!

First of all, WOW! I cannot believe that I am here writing my first post.  I feel like such an amateur compared to most of the bloggers here.  It is okay.  Everyone must start somewhere and I am doing the hardest part for me………. which is starting so YAY if you are reading this! I have been pondering for quite some time now about starting my own blog.  I have researched it from here to outer space and I saw this course called “Blogging101″ and I knew that was how I was gonna do it.
For me, this year has been about change.  I have started down a new path for my careers.  I left a job of 7.5 years at the end of the year in search to find something more.  I don’t think I can even describe it right now.  I am still trying to get around it myself right now.  I have narrowed it to this.  I decided to get out of my comfort zone and open new doors for me that I didn’t think were ever possible.  I am willing to take risks, try new things to see where my life will take me.  I am a person who usually resists change (hence I was at the same job for 7.5 years) so changing jobs you would think would be plenty.  Heck no!
I want to see where life is going to take me! I am EXCITED, nervous, a little scared, HAPPY, anxious, and so many other emotions that I have a hard time finding words to truly express how exhilarating this experience has been for me. I am actually not 100% sure where this blog will take me or if I will even like it or  will want to pursue it further once the end of the month comes; however, wherever I go, end up or meet along the way will be worth it!   I know for sure that I will not regret it.  I have not regretted one thing that I have done yet in the quest to find a new path.  I do know that my passion is health related so you can be assured that my blogs will be intended for those who want a little bit of everything.
Here is to the start of another great month in 2015!  I want to share these moments with all of you! I am  grateful for you the readers and my fellow blogger101 mates!  I am thrilled to be starting the “Blogging101″ challenge.  Nothing is impossible, we just have to believe that! I did.  Here I am today.  I will be back.

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