You get what you give……

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

Jenn had the gift of loving life to fullest the best she knew how.  Her smile lit up her entire face from ear to ear.   She had always been a strong, independent, very capable and determined woman who would not depend on anybody for almost anything.  She learned from a young age what hard work and determination would do for her life. She was always striving to make her family proud.   Jenn was a very positive person who believed that whatever you give life, you will get in return.  The simple life is what Jenn enjoyed best.  Morals and values spoke big in Jenn’s heart.  Her roots always shone through as a small-town farm girl where the skies were endless and the wheat fields rustled in the wind.

Jenn loved her family, friends, and her dog Trigger.  She was always there to help out if ever needed.  Jenn had the biggest heart and it was often her weakest link.  She had a hard time saying “no.”  Jenn enjoyed camping, spending time with her family and friends.

This is a celebration of Jenn’s life and a reflection on how someone can give so much and have such a huge impact on life itself.  She will be forever loved and deeply missed by those who love her.


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