How bad do you want it?

Who is the one in question here?

I am constantly making goals and constantly evaluating them.

Sometimes I wonder why I have goals.  I mean some I have not achieved yet and I often wonder when it will occur.  I set deadlines.  I hold myself accountable.

Why is it that I constantly fail or am I failing?  Are the stakes high enough?

I am unsure of this.  I wonder why I am so different when it comes to any other person who has goals.  I mean of course I want to succeed.

Here are a few things that I am beginning to realize about being successful


In order to achieve goals it is important to be consistent and do all the small things that will generate the big things.  Consistent means doing things when you feel like giving up.  Through thick, thin and whatever else…sounds like vows but it is a choice.


It is important to be grateful for everything we have already in order to accept more into our life.  I am grateful for each opportunity that has come to me as I know it holds a learning experience.


As I have learned, are you interested or are you committed?  I hold this dear to me as a commitment.  When I am committed to doing something at whatever cost…it happens at whatever cost.  It is a non-negotiable.


This is something I work on all of the time because I see how important being organized is with every area of my life.  I realize the importance of schedules, systems in place and always assessing and re-evaluating to improve this.

I know that I have not hit all of my goals yet this year.  I am in the process of doing this so I can achieve what I have wrote down.  Goals help me to push forward, to reach for something that is hard, and challenging.  That is okay.  It is okay to push harder.

I think I am hard on myself at times as I expect myself to be a certain spot in a certain time.  It will happen when I continue being consistent and committed to reaching my goals.

My question to you is, how have you overcame obstacles in order to reach your goals?  success


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