Is it Health or Wellness?

Eating healthy is only one small factor to the overall wellness of our bodies.  What is wellness anyway.  Is being healthy enough?

I used to think that eating healthy was the only factor in living a healthy lifestyle.  Um, ya I am here to see that there is a ton more to it than that.  I have found so many more answers because I went out looking to find more answers.  Here is what I can tell you.

A) Healthy is more than a one size fits all regime!  It is a whole package called wellness!

I used to be believe that I had to look a certain way.  Be a certain weight.  Have the right dress size.  I mean ideally I like my clothes to fit but depending on what goes I have it can completely change my image.  When I choose to eat whole foods mother nature provides in their most natural state I know I am contributing not only to my health but my wellness as well.  If you think of wellness as the whole package including your mental, psychological, spiritual and social health then we can see how wellness works!

There are people who live as the term skinny-fat.  The appear to be healthy on  the outside because they appear to be thinner than others.  This can be a misconception.  These people can be just as unhealthy as anyone else unless they are taking all aspects of their wellness into account.  Remember to never judge a book by its cover!

B) It is more than just exercising!

I have used exercise in my life since I have been a child.  I used to workout merely for my physical appearance and my health. I see now how many more benefits exercise provides for me.  It alleviates stress.  It lifts my mood.  It releases toxins in the form of sweat from my body.  It makes me feel good.  Exercise grounds me.  It takes me to my happy place.  I exercise as part of self care. This is a choice I have always made for myself.

C) Your spiritual and mental health are also important aspects of your health!

Our mindset truly can be one of the most toxic things in our life.  By playing into our deeper being, we are able to keep well on all levels of our wellness.  Being well is determined by how you think.  It is our choice to find this state so we can truly be at our best!

D) It is balance!

Living life is also important!  We all can choose to enjoy any food that we eat.  There is no need to “cheat” on your lifestyle.  I have a challenging time even saying that word.   Cheating will lead to guilt which guilt leads to toxicity in your life.  It is important to remember how we choose to think.  Being realistic about food choices and when it is okay to have things you enjoy every once in a while is part of life!  Do it!

I feel so much better when I choose to eat food that fuels my body; when I choose to practice positive affirmations to keep my mindset at its best; when I live life to live life!  I truly believe we manifest in our life whatever we ask so make sure you ask because the universe will respond!



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