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ON your Mark, get SET…..GO!!!!!!!

One second. One minute. One hour.  One day. One week. One month. One year……

Where does the time go?    Have you ever stopped to think about what you have accomplished in that very moment?  Not looking back nor forward, just in the present moment?  It makes me think.  I think a lot.  I think a lot about the past and future.  I am just beginning to realize the power and gratitude of being present in the moment.

I think about my life 10 years ago.  Gee it’s been 10 years already.  10 years ago seems like a century ago in one aspect and like yesterday in another.  10 years ago….I was in my early twenties, living the dream (I didn’t think that at the time but I was) living close to home, in my first year of my diploma program, broke (what I thought was broke) and just wanted to break free of everyone and everything.  I wanted to start over in my mind.  I wanted a fresh start.  A new beginning.  I never lived in the moment.  I wanted to finish school so I could move onto “bigger and better things” .  Once school ended, I moved away from my family and friends I had known for my whole life to a new unfamiliar place.  After moving a few times I finally found my “new home.”  It was hard.  I faced new challenges like missing my family, not seeing my loved ones as often as I did before and having to meet new people.  How the heck do you do that? Where do you meet people when you work? Well for me, it was through work.

I found my “dream job” about a year after I graduated and once again life began to focus on the things I had always dreamed about.  Oh ya and who could forget about loans? Ya so I focused on paying off school loans, car loans, saving for the future, future plans, future, future, future……I began thinking about meeting the “perfect guy”, getting married, having two kids (twin boys to be precious) owning a house, blah, blah, blah.  My outlook on life was so innocent, naïve.  Remember, I come from a place where everyone knows you and the color of underwear you are wearing.  I wanted this all done by the time I was thirty (okay or at least started) Is that hard to ask for?

I thought I was living life in the moment but I was always looking ahead.  Nearing 30, I began to panick.  I did not have anything accomplished that I had hoped for.  Ya, this part of my life I couldn’t plan.  I really thought I was going to stay in my 20s forever.  Ha, ha ya right hey? By this time I started feeling less naïve, less hopeful of the world overall  Yikes.  Sounds rather bitter.

Wait a minute.  Did I hear that right?  The farm girl who is determined, has goals, never gives up, looks at the good in everything, who is positive, and upbeat thinks less of the world?  Ya you heard it!

Fast forward a few yearsand here I am in my 30s and still no different than where I was 10 years ago.  I am not married (legally), have not had any of my own children (boyfriend as 2) or have I done any travelling like I have always wanted to do.  However, I am blessed to have my dog, my home , and my family which may not have been the way I pictured it but here it is.

I have lived my life in fast forward for so long that I don’t think I know how to slow down and take each moment as they come. I have came to terms that I am a work-a-holic! I am not ready for another 10 years to fly by without having the things I wanted accomplished by my 30s not done by my 40s.

This year I decided that I was going to change this.  (okay at least start) I am living each day by my intention to think the positive in everything I do. It may not be exactly where I thought I would be 10 years ago; but that is also a state of mind.  It’s not a race.  I wake up happy knowing it is a new day! I have no plan in mind I just know that happiness and living my dream is possible again.  I do not even know where I am headed yet but it is okay and I can live with that.

Before you know it, this moment is gone and it will be merely a memory you hold with you.  Live in the moment for we will never know if we have another tomorrow.

Taking the first step!

Taking the first step!

First of all, WOW! I cannot believe that I am here writing my first post.  I feel like such an amateur compared to most of the bloggers here.  It is okay.  Everyone must start somewhere and I am doing the hardest part for me………. which is starting so YAY if you are reading this! I have been pondering for quite some time now about starting my own blog.  I have researched it from here to outer space and I saw this course called “Blogging101″ and I knew that was how I was gonna do it.
For me, this year has been about change.  I have started down a new path for my careers.  I left a job of 7.5 years at the end of the year in search to find something more.  I don’t think I can even describe it right now.  I am still trying to get around it myself right now.  I have narrowed it to this.  I decided to get out of my comfort zone and open new doors for me that I didn’t think were ever possible.  I am willing to take risks, try new things to see where my life will take me.  I am a person who usually resists change (hence I was at the same job for 7.5 years) so changing jobs you would think would be plenty.  Heck no!
I want to see where life is going to take me! I am EXCITED, nervous, a little scared, HAPPY, anxious, and so many other emotions that I have a hard time finding words to truly express how exhilarating this experience has been for me. I am actually not 100% sure where this blog will take me or if I will even like it or  will want to pursue it further once the end of the month comes; however, wherever I go, end up or meet along the way will be worth it!   I know for sure that I will not regret it.  I have not regretted one thing that I have done yet in the quest to find a new path.  I do know that my passion is health related so you can be assured that my blogs will be intended for those who want a little bit of everything.
Here is to the start of another great month in 2015!  I want to share these moments with all of you! I am  grateful for you the readers and my fellow blogger101 mates!  I am thrilled to be starting the “Blogging101″ challenge.  Nothing is impossible, we just have to believe that! I did.  Here I am today.  I will be back.